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Up & Running: Ibis 1 & Ibis 2 cleared for duty

The ultra-shallow draft utility vessels, Ibis 1 and Ibis 2, have been brought into servicable condition this month having been in extended lay-up. Veritas Marine's engineering team provided a full service to both units and they're each now fully functional as was demonstrated during successful sea trials in August 2023. 

The multi-purpose units have previously been engaged on a variety of scopes including Oil Spill Response (OSR) readiness, survey (bathymetry, side-scan, multibeam, seismic), cargo operations, crew transfer, line handling and dredging support, mostly in the Kashagan and Kalamkas-Khazar fields. With maximum draft of 0.45m and capable of speeds of 18knots, these USA-made craft are particularly well-suited to north Caspian operations. 

"The falling Caspian Sea presents special challenges for offshore operations and we decided this year that it was time to address this by bringing the Ibis units back online. With both these craft now operational, we feel that they can again be useful for projects in the shallowest parts of the north Caspian. We welcome opportunities from offshore operators and contractors." Veritas Marine's Director Marat Salmenov explained.

Established in 2002, Veritas Marine provides vessels for charter and other marine services in the Caspian Sea, notably in the oil & gas and construction sectors.