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Going Large: C-903 adds heavylift capability to VM fleet

Having completed a long-term charter outside Kazakhstan, Veritas Marine welcomed the arrival of the C-903 to their Bautino fleet earlier this month. The C-903 is a Combifloat C-9 type self-elevating platform, capable of handling loads of up to 1,000 tons. 

The C-903 has been used previously in a range of offshore construction projects in Russia and Azerbaijan. With a draft of 1.4m, and whilst elevated, able to hold station next to platforms and structures whilst bearing large loads, the C-903 is well suited to offshore construction scopes in the region. Optionally, the C-903 can be configured with accommodation for 132 personnel with office facilities. 

"The arrival of the C-903 is a new chapter in our long relationship with Vimar Offshore, and we look forward to operating the unit here in Kazakhstan." offered Veritas Marine's Director, Marat Salmenov.